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Books that I would like to write…

… or co-write. Or ghost write. Or adapt. Or translate. The list is endless…

Obviously, there is Inevitable, then the Muffin House and then the novel that will be loosely based on my time (hopefully) working for the Obama campaign in 2012.
But non-fiction-wise, I wouldn’t mind working on the following (and leaving aside every variation on Inside the West Wing you can imagine)…
… Janel Moloney’s biography
… the translation into French of Marlee Matlin’s autobiography, “I’ll scream later” (Marlee, if you’re reading – you can check out my credentials on LinkedIn)
So you’re British and you think you can spell? – An adaptation of this great book of “Killer Quizzes for the Incurably Competitive and Overly Confident”
… Bradley Whitford’s autobiography, which he really should write himself* , if the episodes of West Wing he did are anything to go by – but maybe I can proofread it for him, and advise him on which pictures to put in. You know, that kind of thing.
Being Donna Moss: Adventures on the Campaign Trail
to be continued as inspiration strikes…
*For you clever clogs out there, I realise that an autobiography is by definition written by the person concerned. Is it, though? Jason Donovan’s wasn’t. Not that I am putting Jason Donovan in the same league as Bradley Whitford, although one thing they do have in common: my devotion to them. (In my defence, I was 10 when Jason was in his heyday and I was in love with him. There is no defence for my Brad devotion. I like to think that none is needed….)