Monthly Archives: August 2009

The adventure of writing a book…

It feels a lot like being pregnant.

Not, you understand, that I really have any concept of what that might feel like.

But I imagine you walk around in a bit of a daze. Constantly distracted. That you pick up on tiny things that could be relevant in the future – people speaking about the topic, useful quotes, beautiful things…

That you feel like in your own little world, your happy place, that no one else can destroy for you because most people don’t realise it’s even there.

Not sleeping so well either… You keep having to sit up and write stuff down before you forget it.

Your thought process is suddenly one long “what if…?”

Everything, everything, even your previous obsessions, become wrapped up in this one thing.

You hope, you dream, you prepare. You know the birth will come, that it will be long and painful, that it’s inevitable, but that it will be so worth every moment.

You are excited, and you are impatient. And there is work to do…